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Advice from House Painters Sydney

Experience and knowing a few tricks of the trade means that professional painters get the best possible results, often in minimal time. 

  • Start with a clean Room – to begin, move everything out of the room that isn’t nailed down. And it you can unscrew light fixtures and curtain rods then remove those too. The dust from sanding and the paint can get into everything. Moving things out of the room is the safest bet.
  • Drop cloth covers. A few drops of paint can ruin a floor. Good quality drop cloths will prevent this. Professionals use canvas. Paper backed plastic is a decent option, and can be tapes to the skiting boards, though it is slippery. Avoid light cloths (like linen or bedsheets) as the paint will just soak through.
  • Find and fill plaster damage. Use a light held close to the wall to find any dints or minor cracks in plaster. Fill these with Polyfiller, plaster or Spackle.

Fill in any dints in woodwork trim with woodwork putty or builders bog. (Plaster filler won’t stick well)

Sand the plaster when it is dry so the surface is completely flat.

  • Sand the walls so that the new layer of paint can adhere well to the roughened surface. Make sure to vacuum the walls in order to remove all dust from the sanding process.
  • Wash the walls with sugar soap or trisodium phosphate. Use a two bucket method- one for the cleaning solution, one for rinsing the cleaning cloth each time you wipe the walls.
  • Use caulk to fill in any gaps around the trim. A caulk gun that automatically releases pressure on release will make application easier. A smaller hole in the caulk tube tends to be best; make is smaller the crack you are filling.
  • Taping. Some people like to use masking tape or painters blue tape to protect edges and skiting boards. But some paint (latex paint) will for a skin that tears when the tape is removed.

Use a putty knife to make sure the tape is flat and pushing into any corner.

House Painting Sydney

We spend a lot of our lives at home. The right décor makes our house a place we want to be. The right décor starts with the right paintwork.

Have you home painted by the professionals.

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