What is difference between exterior painting and interior painting

Exterior House Painters Sydney

The whole look of a home can be changed with exterior painting. Sometimes we want to get back to the look it had when first painted. Or we might want a totally different colour scheme. either way, painting is a moderate priced renovation.

Of course exterior painting is quite different to interior. For one thing the paint used for exterior surfaces needs to be more durable, able to withstand the harsh Sun and rain. And secondly, the surfaces to paint need to be prepared well, often suffering from those same weather conditions.

– The exterior surfaces need to be cleaned. Even slight uncleanliness will compromise the new paint.
Warm soapy water will clean most outdoor surfaces, those some scrubbing will be needed. and mould should be treated with bleach.

Sanding and Filling
– this will be needed on any damage woodwork. Do this after the cleaning, and sand the surfaces flat and even.

Primer – This is obviously needed if the wood is bare. But even repainting benefits from primer, which bonds to the surface, and gives the new paint a good surface to bond to.

Tinted primers can be helpful, especially if you are changing the colour scheme. Tint the primer to match the new colour.

Paint – exterior paint need to be durable. Though this costs more it means the paint will last longer and help protect the timber surface. This is a worth investment.

Exterior House Painters Sydney

Feel like you have a new home by having your home repainted. Call the professional painters for a guaranteed result.


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