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Our trusted, licensed Castle Hill Painters are proud to look after the homes of Castle Hill. Interior or exterior, our painting gives a completely new look to your home. Whether you want to restore the original appearance of your home, change the look of the home entirely, or just give the kitchen a facelift, we have the painting service for you.


While most renovations are expensive re-painting is relatively inexpensive. Yet it is highly effective, especially when combined with other alterations like new curtains or furnishings.

At OPPA we pride ourselves on a complete painting service. This means everything is covered from planning the painting project with you to completely cleaning up the rooms afterwards.

  • First, we consult with you about the best colour schemes and the results you are looking for.
  • Then we protect the surroundings and move furniture out of the area to be painted.
  • The walls to be painted are thoroughly prepared with sanding, repairs, and undercoating. As experienced painters, we know what a huge difference preparation makes.
  • The final paint colour is meticulously applied. This means immaculately neat edges and main surfaces without brush marks.
  • The final clean-up after the painting is complete, leaves the space with nothing but its pristine new appearance.


We arrange a schedule for your house painting project, and we abide by this commitment. If necessary, we can work outside of normal business hours, so as not to disrupt your schedule. As experienced professionals we emphasize quality, knowing that the best paint, the best tool, will deliver the best long-term results. We also emphasise products that are environmentally friendly.

House Painting Project in Castle Hill

We have extensive experience in:

  • House Painting
  • Office Painting Apartment
  • Strata Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Large-scale Business Enterprises
  • Residential Painting
  • Industrial Painting
  • All Interior Painting and Exterior Painting

Working with you every step of the way

Our Residential & Commercial Painting Process

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OPPA is a Korean Painting firm, bringing a range of painting services to Sydney. Operated by seasoned professionals, we aim to be Sydney’s definitive painting service.

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