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The Effect of Wall Colours

House Painting Sydney It is perhaps the most basic question when we decided to paint or repaint a room. But as with many basic questions, we need to get it right. If we don’t like the colour of the walls, then we won’t really like the room. Colours will affect our mood, to at least […]

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Sanding Before House Painting

House Painting Sydney Most interior painting is done on plaster or Gyprock walls. Given some good quality primer, and perhaps some repair work for dents and holes, this wall painting is fairly straightforward. But there are often a few other surfaces in the home that also need paint, and these require some different techniques. Painting […]

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Painting Mistakes To Avoid

House Painters Sydney Any experienced builder or painter will tell you that planning and preperation are important. If we don’t prepare the room correctly, if we don’t have the right materials, we probably end up with disappointing results. Good preperation is half the job. If we do some research we can prepare a painting job […]

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How to Paint Doors

House Painting Sydney If we want to paint doors then we need a slightly different approach; doors are little different to interior walls. Painting Tools Most doors need some preparation before painting. – Sandpaper with a sanding block – Putty/Wood Filler – Protective Drop Cloth – Smaller Paintbrush – Masking Tape and knife. – Perhaps […]

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What Goes With Re-Painting Rooms?

House Painting Sydney We might repaint a room to restore its original appearance, or repaint in order to give it a whole new appearance. If we are going for something new, then there is no need to limit ourselves to just new paint. We can change other elements of room too. Anything goes as long […]

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Some House Painting Style Suggestions?

House Painting Sydney Painting techniques are one thing, and certainly something we want to get right. But choosing the right colour scheme, the right places to highlight, the way to match the colours to the surroundings … these are artistic choices that make or break the effectiveness of the project. We want to make the […]

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Achieving Better House Painting Results, Sydney

House Painters Sydney Truly excellent interior painting requires considerable skill and experience. So we should leave this to the professionals. But even if we don’t have years of experience we can benefit from the advice who do have that experience. Better Interior House Painting Sydney – Wait for dry weather, or at least dry conditions […]

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Why is Exterior Painting Different?

Exterior House Painting Sydney Most home painting is done on the interior. But some homes, usually timber homes, have their exterior painted as well. This exterior painting is quite different to the painting done inside. The type of paint used is different, the painting techniques are different, and the exterior painting is needed to help […]

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Why Consider Neutral Shades for Interior Painting?

House Painters Sydney The choice of interior wall colour is perhaps the first thing we should consider when we look at home decor. Neutral colours can add a sophistication to a room. Many people have seen this with beige, but there are other neutral colours as well. And by their very nature (neutral) they provide […]

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How Can House Painting Make a Room Look Larger?

House Painting Sydney A good colour scheme can make all the difference to the look of a room. This is something that should be coordinated with the rest of the room decor. The flooring, furniture, curtains and other elements of the room should work well with the paint colours. The right paint colours can also […]