How Can House Painting Make a Room Look Larger?

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A good colour scheme can make all the difference to the look of a room. This is something that should be coordinated with the rest of the room decor. The flooring, furniture, curtains and other elements of the room should work well with the paint colours.

The right paint colours can also make a room feel larger. This is also something that is more effective when coordinated with the rest of the room decor.

How to make an interior look larger with House Painting Sydney

Use light colours and clever contrasts.
These reflect light and make a room look bigger, brighter and more airy.
Off-white or light blue and green are good options.
Try painting the trim (window frames and skirting boards) in a lighter colour than the walls. This makes the wall appear further back.

Keep it Sparse
If we reduce the clutter in a room the room feels larger, more open. A room that is full feels small and crowded, because there literally is less space.
This sparseness applies to both the floor and the walls. Keep the furnishings to a minimum, and use smaller open objects rather than large solid couches. Wicker furniture, glass table-tops and furniture based on frames feel more open than solid wood.

Only have one or two pictures on each wall. Leave a lot of open space between objects.

Have a Focal Point

A bedroon that focuses on a bed, or a dining room that focuses on the dining table will look neat and open. And the room will feel like it has one main function, not a lot of idea on top of each other.

Have lots of Light

Open windows give a space a lot of light, and make it feel open and more spacious.
If you don’t have the option with the windows than add bright but soft lighting. Lights that imitate sunshine work well. Avoid one bright/harsh light; rather, have several softer lights at several points so the lighting is even.


Find ways to store everything our of sight, beneath beds and couches, behinds built in cupboard walls.


On old trick, but an effective one. Put at least one large mirror in the room to make it feel more open.

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Have your interior rooms painted to look their best. The right colour decor can make a room look more open and more pleasant.


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