Hot Weather House Painting Sydney

Exterior House painting requires reasonable conditions in order to get the best results. Nobody paints while it is raining, and professional painters will often avoid painting in extreme heat or direct summer sunlight as the end results will be compromised.

Paint is designed to cure at a moderate rate in order to get a quality finish. If the paint was to dry too rapidly, perhaps because of extreme heat, it would compromise both the look and durability of the finished paintjob. It is a terrible waste when recent paintwork peels, flakes or just looks less than optimal.

Temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius or below are never an issue. It is only when paint is applied in environment above 33 degree that problems might occur. Of course this varies with the type and brand of paint.

  • Check the instructions on the paint. Some paint will work well in hotter conditions, and the manufacturer may specify this.
  • Painting in the cooler part of the early morning or afternoon can work well. Afternoon painting can dry overnight. Morning painting should be mostly dry before any midday heat.
  • Use the hotter part of the day for preparation rather than actual painting. The cooler weather is an advantage when we want recently washed walls to dry. Else, surfaces may be sanded.
  • Keep in mind that the house walls, especially those in direct Sunlight, may be hot even as the temperature drops. Wait for surfaces to cool.
  • Often there will be one wall in the shade, and this can be painted in moderate temperature conditions.
  • Removable items, like window shutters, can be taken elsewhere and painted.
  • Often the only option is to wait for more moderate weather.

House Painters Sydney

We prefer to do external painting under conditions that give the optimal results.

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