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The overall colour scheme is extremely important for creating the right atmosphere for your home. A large part of this, and a semi-permanent one, is the paint colour of the walls. The rest of the decor need to be align with this wall colour.

Your choice of paint colour is a large part of the reason why a room feels comfortable and homely, or cool and quite. But its not just emotional impact provided by the colour scheme. The colours design will also affect the perceived size and shape of the room. we can use this to our advantage, making a room look larger as well as more appealing.

Painting Smaller rooms

Cool, light tones make the best use of light in a room. And they don’t dominate as a dark bold colour will, so the wall painted a light colour feel more ‘in the background’. add some neat but bright lights, dispersed do they don; all come from one bright spot, to get the best look for a small space.

Windows and mirrors make a space feel larger.

Avoid contrasting colours in smaller rooms, because these tend to define the edges. A uniform shade makes the room feel a little more open because the boarders/edges are not too defined.

Large Rooms

Very large rooms can feel empty. And just filling them up with furnishings just makes them seem like crowded space. A few rooms are designed to specifically work this way, like a ballroom dance hall or a dining room with a table that fills all the space. But some large rooms feel bleak if they have the wrong colours.

Darker paints can make a large space feel more cozy. Try warm red and orange, or contrasting colours on adjacent walls.

Earthy furnishings make a room feel less sterile and empty.

Low Ceilings

This is less common in modern homes, though they appear in some basements. But low ceiling can make us feel confined, while high ceiling actually have an ‘open minded’, ‘sky’s the limit’ feel to them.

Using the same light colour on the walls and ceiling will soften the boundaries, so the room feels less cramped. Vertical stripes on the walls can also make the ceiling seem higher.

Some low ceilings can be painted sky blue to give a feeling of space. This works best with bedroom or small private offices/playrooms that suit a colourful decor.


House Painters Sydney

Some renovation can be done by simply finding the best paint scheme. Call us for advice and the best results with home painting.


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