Avoiding Mistakes

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Experience can teach us, or we can learn from others. Best to try learn from others first, from their experience, and then add to this by our own experience..

Some Advice from those who have been painting for a while.

  • Use painters tape. This makes edges so neat, with considerable ease. you can use techniques to do this, but tape is a simple and effective.
  • Not preparing the surface – Paint simply does not work on a dirty surface, or on a surface that does not bond to the paint. Clean with sugar soap and use a primer.
  • Fix any damage to the wall before you prime and paint. the paint will not cover imperfections.
  • Use the right primer for the surface you are painting. Metal, gyprock and timber all have their own plaster. And tint the primer to match the final colour.
  • Use the right sheen. An eggshell or Matt finish will reflect light softly and cover imperfections. Glossy paint is often too shiny.
  • Don’t use cheap paint. This is a false economy. You will find you need several coats, and that you will need to repaint in a few years.
  • Compare paint samples in the room, in normal lighting. The light and conditions in the room affect how the paint will look. so get the right impression under the right conditions.
  • Painting is extreme cold and extreme humidity means the paint won’t dry well. Wait for some regular, everyday conditions, and make sure the room is ventilated.
  • Use roller for large surfaces and brushes for edges.
  • Never over-brush, meaning trying to brush over an area where the paint has started to dry. Brush correctly the first time. Don’t try to go over brushstrokes in the partially dried paint.


House Painting Sydney

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