How to Paint Bathrooms

For painting Bathrooms are a little different from the rest of the home. Unlike most other areas they are constantly exposed to moisture, steam, and soap. So we should paint and fit out the bathroom to deal with such conditions. The only other rooms to suffer this situation are the kitchen and laundry, and even then the conditions are much milder.

When considering painting for the bathroom we must look at both the type of paint finish and the colour. Paint with a gloss or semi-gloss finish is recommended for the bathroom because it is much better at dealing with stains. Matt paint is used on most other home surfaces because it reflects light well and covers minor imperfections. But gloss has the advantage of not absorbing grease, so stains are more likely to wipe clean.

The really wet surfaces of the bathroom inside the shower, next to the bath, will need to be tiled. No type of paint will deal with these constantly wet conditions. So tiles are the only real option. We should choose tiles and paint colours that work well together.

Tile and paint combinations can go either way. We can have bright tiles and subdued paint, or neutral tiles and bright paint. Else we might have tiles with patterns and plain neutral walls. As long as there is a contrast here the results can be good. Avoid a situation where both the tiles and paint are plain. All-white decor usually does not work.

Some colour options for bathrooms.

  • Blue is a popular colour for bathrooms. Navy blue tiles and a white paint scheme work well together. White tiles and navy blue paint also work well. This is the type of look we often see with swimming pools. It gives the impression of clean and bright.
  • Black and white colour schemes are an unusual but interesting possibility. This also gives the impression of being clean, and it never clashes with the other colours we might use for the curtains, towels or mats.
  • Green is not dissimilar to blue and can be used quite effectively for a bathroom if matched with white. Any curtains and mats will need to be matched to the decor.
  • Pink and white are used for some bathroom painting. Hot pink has a different effect to pale pink, but both are possibilities.

Painting the bathroom can transform the look of a home. Have the professional house painters in Sydney take care of the bathroom, kitchen, or the rest of the house.


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