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Older paint products tended to give off a lot of strong fumes. These were eventually found to be harmful. So research and strict regulations led to the development of paint products that emitted little, if any toxic fumes.

That fact that we can smell any paint fumes is cause for concern. Airborne chemicals like formaldehyde can cause respiratory problems, eye irritation, lethargy, and cognitive problems. Short term exposure isn’t too bad, though we should avoid it if at all possible. Long term exposure can be very harmful, especially to young children. We can reduce the exposure to airborne chemicals by cleaning the air after painting.


Let rooms ventilate after painting. Open external windows and put some fans in the room.
Use a Air filter with a HEPA filter pad. This removes almost all toxins from the air.
Cover the floor with Bi Carb of Soda and let this soak up some fumes. After a few days vacuum this Bi Carb off the floor and dispose of it.
Onions in a bowl of water will soak up a lot of fumes. Leave these in the room for a few days. The dispose of the contents.
Houseplants absorb a lot of fumes from the air. These are good to keep the air clear long term.
Do not put curtains or furnishings in the room till the fumes have cleared. Unfortunately these can absorb and retain fumes.


It helps to buy paint that is low VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) or VOC free. Most paint today have reasonably low VOC, but some are better than others.

New carpets, some furniture and varnished floors will also emit VOC. try to let these air out when they are new, or use the methods described above to clean the air in the room.


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