Water Stains on Walls

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Occasionally we may notice water stains on the interior walls. These are the darker looking damp marks that appear near the tops of walls and in corners of the room. Occasionally they might also appear in the middle of the wall, or anywhere that the timber frame supports the plaster/Gyprock.

It is tempting to just paint over water marks. But this is only a temporary cover up of the symptom, not addressing the underlying problem. The water marks will soon come back and the water issue is probably causing more damage inside the wall.


Find the Source of the problem.

The water is coming form somewhere. This needs to be found and repaired before anything else is done. Leaks might becoming from tap pipes, hot water system or from a leak in or near the roof. You will probably need professional help to find and repair this issue.

Cleaning the Wall.

Water stains on wall often contain mineral residue, or encourage mildew of mould. This makes the stain more complex than merely cleaning away damp material. The area will need at least a little decontamination.

Use a dilute mixture of water and bleach to clean the stained area. One part bleach to four parts water is about right.

Once the area is cleaned, allow it to dry for a few days. A fan or dehumidifier can help here. Do not take any further step until the area is completely dry.

Once dry, inspect the area for any damage that does beyond discolouration. You might need to remove and replace any damaged plaster.

Now cover the area with a stain blocking Primer. This might be tinted to almost match the wall colour. Oil based primers are far better in this situation as they do a better job of covering the stain. Use a primer that is designed to resist mould.

Now repaint with the original colour of the wall.


House Painters Sydney

We usually repaint because we want to redecorate. But occasionally we are forced to repaint because of damage to the home. Talk to professionals about completely restoring the original look of your home, or perhaps changing the look after completing repairs.


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